Operating and installation instructions:
MarderSICHER Ultra

We are a family-run business from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, where we have been developing, producing, installing and selling our marten repeller systems since 2003.

Our MarderSICHER marten repeller systems can be installed in any type of vehicle.


1. How it works

2. Vehicle installation

3. Home installation

4. Blue wire

5. Notes

Vehicle installation

a) Place the MarderSICHER Ultra in the engine compartment and secure it with cable ties (e.g. on the bulkhead (the panel separating the engine compartment from the passenger compartment) or at the front near the engine fan.)

b) The connection wires to the vehicle battery and ground must be routed in a way that they do not come into contact with moving or hot parts.

Cut the red positive lead at a suitable point and insert it into the fuse holder from both sides.

Now press the fuse holder together with a pair of pliers so that the 2 metal plates inside the fuse holder are touching the red wire.

Insert the stripped red and black wire ends into the ends of the respective wire lugs. Then squeeze the ends of the wire lugs with a pair of pliers. After squeezing, check that the wire ends are correctly attached to the wire lugs.

a) Connect the red wire to the positive terminal of the car battery, to the jump-starting terminal (positive terminal for jump starting), to a consumer (constant power) or to the fuse box.

b) Connect the black negative wire to the negative terminal of the car battery or the car chassis (ground).

The blue wire of the MarderSICHER Ultra is usually not required. Insulate the wire end (e.g. with electrical tape) to ensure it cannot come into contact with the chassis ground. Wind up the wire and stow it away in a suitable location.

You may now insert the fuse in the previously installed fuse holder. Done!

If you wish to switch off the system (e.g. when performing an inspection), simply pull the fuse out of the fuse holder.

Home installation

1. Mount control unit

Mount the MarderSICHER Ultra in a suitable location on the wall or ceiling using screws or cable ties. Ensure that the speaker is not covered up and that the ultrasonic signals can spread unhindered throughout the room.

2. Attach coupling

Attach the coupling to the end of the power supply unit.

3. Connect the wires

Loosen the two screws on the coupling and connect the red wire with the positive pole and the black wire with the negative pole on the coupling. Now tighten the screws and check that both wire ends are firmly connected.
NOTE: The blue wire is not required. Insulate the wire end (e.g. with electrical tape). Wind it up and stow it away in a suitable location.

4. Connect to the mains

Now simply plug the mains plug into an outlet and you’re DONE!